We're a family owned distribution business seeking to "make a difference" by providing “better for you” Foods and Beverages across Chicagoland.  Our retail and food service customers include some of the best independent grocers, delis, hotels, sub shops, and restaurants in the area.   

What's Better for You? 

It's personal.  After years of being a bit sluggish and having too many aches and pains, we started thinking it can't just be the aging process.  If it was just aging, why did we see the same issues in our kids?  A few trips to a food nutritionist, an allergist, and a whole bunch of research confirmed what a wise physician wrote in 1826 "Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are".  

Armed with a vast amount of knowledge about the foods and ingredients that personally caused inflammation (pain),  allergies (fatigue), weight gain (more pain), etc.. we set out to change our lives.  But instead of stopping there, we decided to quite our comfortable jobs and buy a company that could help us "make a difference".  Make a difference by providing products across our "sweet home Chicago"land that are "better for you", taste great, and convenient!  

Our view of "better for you" is some combination of All Natural (no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives), Non GMO, Gluten Free, and Organic.  We also like products that are Unique and Local to Chicagoland.  Lastly, food/beverage manufactures that contribute to a charity are high on our list.  Skyline Distributors is committed to giving at least 5% of profits to charity.  

Take a look at what we have to offer.  Give us a call...or fill out the form below.  You and your retail or food service customers will be glad you did!      


Here at Skyline we promise to provide "better for you" products with exceptional and customized customer service.  Here is what some of one of our customers is saying about us.

Testimonial -Owner of favorite local sub shop?
— Skyline is great! It's like we're all one family (a good family). They're fun, flexible, and dependable. It's NOT like doing business with some of those big companies...those are just "transactions". With Skyline, they care...it's personal.

    If you're interested in any products for your company, please navigate back here to inquire! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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